Weather Is No Match for Our Auto Pros

Hail damage repair at our auto shop in Faribault, MN

Imagine walking outside only to find that a hailstorm came through and dented your beautiful new car. You’d be pretty upset, right? Thankfully, Midwest Collision, Inc can make your car look brand-new again without costing you an arm and a leg. Our paintless dent repair method is quick and easy and makes your car look smooth again. When Mother Nature dents your car, take it to Midwest Collision, Inc ASAP. Speak with us today at (507) 332-2434.

3 other vehicles we can repair

3 other vehicles we can repair

At Midwest Collision, Inc, we can repair dents on more than just cars. We'll fix up your:

  1. Truck - we can repair damage on all sizes of trucks, from pickups to 18-wheelers.
  2. Motorcycle - we'll get you back on the open road in no time.
  3. Construction equipment - we repair all types of excavation and building equipment.

Don't wait when you find hail damage on your vehicle. Visit Midwest Collision, Inc as soon as possible.